Render Your Future

Modern Masterpiece

A short Pro-Bono video we did for our client. Discover the beauty of one of the most stunning modern designs. Design by GM Drafting& Design Inc.

Chauster Home

A beautiful fusion of old & new. stunning design by Zedstudio. What a pleasure it was to work on this one.

Le Bleu

This was a fun one, our warm & bright interior design is one of our favorites. Don't you just love the windows and the open feel it creates?

Modern Living

This was a blast to do, I love showcasing different design variations of the same structure. This was the first time that I showcased possible variations.


Now here I had a lot of creative control, all interior design is done by me here, and I love the outcome. some had said I was a bit too flashy, but I love bold colors and feature walls.

Trafalgar Townhouse

In this project we had to show a townhouse with 2 layout variations. A lot of love and detail went into creating the still renders as well as this walk-through animation.

About Us imageAbout Us image
Cornerstone Visuals is a high-end architectural visualization company, with unique and engaging visual style. 
Our visualizations give voice to yet un-built architecture.
We see our role as design communication professionals with strong architecture background, 
tasked with clearly translating conceptual architectural designs into captivating and engaging imagery.
We believe it is our purpose to passionately illustrate our client’s design and vision 
while providing a reassuring level of comfort and dependability. 

While architectural visualization is a modern medium, we are constantly inspired by our heroes from the past.

Our principles are defined through our studies of classical art and cinematography.
We believe learning from great works of the past can inform our vision of the future and provide an unparalleled experience to our clients.


Kam grew up in Poland, and on good food in Italy during his youth. Has always been drawn to many forms of art. Has a passion for rendering, and modelling. After many years working at ZedStudio, With a thirst for life and artistic expression, he has decided to found Cornerstone Visuals with his friend Teagan.


Teagan has been practicing martial arts since 2011 and through that he has learned the importance of hard work, patience and discipline. He graduated both Yale secondary and UFV in 2016 and started his career as a drafter/3d modeler at Zed studio. After almost 3 years, he decided to found Cornerstone Visuals with his friend Kam.

Exterior Render Package

Exterior Render Package

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Interior Render Package

Interior Render Package

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Premium Render Package

Premium Render Package

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Architectural Animation Render Package

Architectural Animation Render Package

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The 360° Package

A new stunning and interactive app that allows users to walk through and look at the renders in a full 360° view. Send to your client or post it on your site to showcase your designs. Prices very depending on scope and features.